R.A.D Capsule Launch Gallery

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Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night. It was overwhelming to see so many faces out for the launch of our Slam x R.A.D Capsule. As you will see from this crop of photos there were some serious heads in attendance including the photographers who sparked all of our imaginations and made everything possible. Massive thank you to Tim Leighton Boyce and Jay Podesta for shooting the photos in the first place and joining us on the night. Thank you to Dan Adams for framing the prints on display and his hard work which inspired and facilitated the project. Also thanks to Gipsy Hill Brewery for keeping things lubricated. Big up to everyone who made it down and if you didn’t then live vicariously…

Tom “Rum Coke” Richardson, Toddy’s beanie, Sam Griffin and Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson speaking to TLB while the shirts he shot hang behind him

Jason Hart and special guest Jay Podesta

Wig Worland and TLB on the other side of the lens

Dan Adams and Dan Cates

Slam Mail order maestro Matt Boyce AKA Pure and Assistant Manager Mikey Patrick

Winstan Whitter’s edit of Curtis McCann and Simon Evans on loop. We will post later this week

Paul Sunman, Mike John and TLB recreating a RaD photo team shot from 1992

Rare photo of Andy Simmons with Wig Worland

Winstan Whitter and Jay Podesta

Olly Todd showing TLB this outtake from his first photo in RaD shot by TLB himself in 1991. It’s a nosegrind attempt at Barrow Skateshack. (the photo which ran was a one foot tail grab over the hip)

Barometers of a top notch turnout Nick Zorlac and Seth Curtis

Liverpool in the house. Fergie, Rauiri Jones and Fred Lambert

Hannah and Slam alumni Andy Humphreys

The WIll Bankhead shirt comes Casper Brooker approved

Mikey Patrick, Fred Lambert, Amadeusz Jozwiak and Monse

Outstanding human beings Wig Worland and Winstan Whitter

Dan Adams and Sam Griffin in front of the Simon Evans image which gave birth to the whole idea

The man who started it all Slam founder Paul Sunman with his daughter Edie.

Epic line up. Laurie Sherman, Dan Cates, Nick Zorlac and Stu Cantellow

Cheers, that’s time at the bar. All that’s left to do is to pick up one of the shirts and support the RaD archive project HERE

Photos by Jacob Sawyer