DC x Slam City: Josh Kalis ‘Memory Screen’ Remix

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To coincide with our DC x Slam City collaboration, Memory Screen has crafted us an exclusive remix of Josh Kalis at Love Park.


Josh Kalis by Memory Screen (Love Park edition)


Containing footage from the late ’90s way through to 2013, this vide is as much an ode to Love Park and DC as it is to Josh Kalis himself. There are few instances in skateboarding where a single brand can evoke such heavy nostalgia. Even just DC Lynx model symbolises the audiovisual output of a certain generation at certain point in time. Many passed through Love Park and put their mark on it. However, encompassing of a wealth of footage gems, this Memory Screen mixtape of Kalis succinctly shows his domination of the Philadelphia mainstay.

The DC x Slam collection launches on Friday. Join us at Covent Garden in the evening for a photo show curated by Mike Blabac. We’ll also be at Southbank the next day for a jam featuring a replica Love Park kicker-to-can. More information for both on our ‘Spread The Love’ events page (flyer below).


Josh Kalis noseblunts at Love Park as seen in the Memory Screen DC x Slam City mixtape.

frontside noseblunt on the most famous blue barrier in skateboarding history


Edited by:

Jan Maarten Sneep


Original footage courtesy of:

DC Shoe Co: The DC Video (dir. Greg Hunt, 2003)

Alien Workshop: TimeCode (dir. Mike Hill & Chris Carter, 1997), Photosynthesis (dir. Joe Castrucci), Mind Field (dir. Greg Hunt, 2009)

Transworld SKATEboarding: The Sixth Sense (dir. Ty Evans, 1998), Anthology (dir. Jon Hollan & Greg Hunt, 2000)

411VM: Issue 30 (1998), Issue 67 (2004)

ON Video: Winter (2004)

Static (dir. Josh Stewart, 2000)

Sex., Hood, Skate, and Videotape (dir. Ian Reid, 2006)

Zoo York: E.S.T. (dir. RB Umali, 2000)

Zero: Dying To Live (dir. Jamie Thomas, 2002)

Epicly Later’d (dir. Patrick O’Dell, 2011)

‘Pigeon’ (dir. William Strobeck, 2012)

‘Portfolio’ (Joe Castrucci, 2013)

‘Shoot All Skaters (Vern Liard, 2011)

‘Old Footage’ (dir. Alex Mucilli, 2014)


DC x Slam City 'Spread The Love' Poster



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