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We are stoked to have just released these limited edition T-Shirts with the good folk over at the Read And Destroy archive. All proceeds from sales of these will be donated to the Read and Destroy archive project and will help to draw closer the completion of the book we all need in our lives…

Curtis McCann, ‘91 at Meanwhile 2, London

“Curtis was one of the most remarkable skaters I ever photographed. He was so stylish that all I really had to do was point the camera in his direction and the picture would look great. This is a classic example. Just look at the shape. I didn’t get to photograph him as much as I would have liked. I have the feeling that he was slightly reticent and always kept more to himself than a lot of people I worked with. I admired that. There was an enigmatic quality to him.

All that doesn’t quite match the facts, since he was a prominent part of the skate scene from when he was quite young, through M Zone (shop) and their mad adverts. But that’s my impression, looking back over the decades – an astonishing skater, extraordinarily distinctive, who also seemed to have yet more in reserve.”Tim Leighton Boyce

Simon Evans, ‘92 at Kennington bowl, London

“Simon Evans was one of the most creative people I collaborated with. One of the best things about RaD mag for me was that I got to work with some astonishing people. Simon brought a massive amount of enthusiasm, new ideas and new directions to the magazine. It was like a new injection of life and energy. This extended way beyond the features he actually wrote or the pictures he appeared in. But he definitely appeared centre stage in the most obvious and extreme example: his interview which played with idea of the ‘skateboard magazine interview’. Working with Simon was a huge amount of fun for me. Stressy sometimes, but massive fun.”Tim Leighton Boyce

Will Bankhead, ‘91 at Stockwell, London

“Whenever I went out shooting street pictures with different skaters you kind of had a plan. Usually they’d found some new spot or wanted to visit a place that was well known. Once there, quite a few would want to repeatedly hit one thing over and over – a rail maybe ’til you had the shot of the trick or tricks they could make on it. Then move on… ignoring anything else in the vicinity.

But whether shooting pics or skating with Bankhead he’d just skate everything. Charging around on the way there or once at the spot. Riding anything that presented it’s self. So you’d get a variety of shots from each place and the feeling you were just out skating not trying to get what would now be termed ‘content’ for the mag. His style of riding meant that when shooting this sequence at Stockwell he seemed to just pop up onto the wall with ease. Not a struggle at all… at least that’s how I remember it. Understated but super impressive for sure.”Jay Podesta

When we first saw that unused photo of Simon Evans at Kennington we knew it needed to live on a shirt. The idea to run the photos of Curtis McCann and Will Bankhead quickly followed. Striking images which have stood the test of time like the parks they took place at. The quotes beneath the images above from RaD photographers TLB and Jay Podesta give you a window into the magical time they preserved while out shooting with these legends. Special thanks to Dan Adams for working with us so closely on this one and for the vital work he is putting in, archiving gold dust like the images we ran on these shirts.

Support the cause and pick up your favourite shirt or all three of them HERE

Photos by Jacob Sawyer