Jarrad Carlin

Jarrad Carlin while filming for the Thames video Terra Firma

Jarrad Carlin out filming for the Thames Terra Firma video


Jarrad Carlin’s skateboarding journey took from his New Zealand home, to further progressing in Australia, then making a move to the UK. His finesse found him a home on Blondey McCoy’s Thames imprint and a space alongside the company founder on our very own Slam team shortly after.

Jarrad is a welcome addition to the squad, his ability and approach often breathing new life into familiar terrain.


Sponsors: Slam City Skates, Thames, adidas, Always Do What You Should Do

Hometown: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand


Video Parts


Terra Firma, (Thames Skateboards, 2021)

FILM/EDIT: Sirus F. Gahan


Buffer, (adidas Skateboarding, 2020)

FILMED BY: Sirus F Gahan, Hold Tight Henry, Austin Bristow, Grant Dawson, Adam Todhunter, Jack Brooks / EDIT: Sirus F Gahan


Reading Material


First & Last: Jarrad Carlin for Slam City Skates

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Jarrad Carlin's ad for Thames skateboards

’23 seconds in the life of Jarrad’ Perfect Parliament square two piece for a Thames ad