Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones on Waterloo Bridge from the Piilgrim remix

Jeremy Jones on Waterloo Bridge taken from the Piilgrim Remix video


Like many of our riders, Jeremy Jones’ unique approach to skateboarding came into it’s own at Southbank. His fast feet soon found him a home on a Magenta. His lines – and new opportunities for them – are endless and watching Jeremy skate beneath his native Undercroft and beyond is never boring.

We are also big fans of Jeremy’s artwork and have collaborated with him on various projects, his work can also regularly be found on Slam City clothing.


Sponsors: Slam City Skates, Magenta, New Balance

Hometown: London


Video Parts


Pandora’s Box, 2020

FILM/EDIT: Luka Pinto


Chrysalis, (Piilgrim Clothing 2020

FILM/EDIT: Mark Kendrick


Overcroft, 2019

FILM/EDIT: Henry Edwards-Wood


Seasons, (Landscape Skateboards, 2019)


Jeremy Jones Remix, 2014-2020

FILMED BY: Mark Kendrick, Sean Lomax and Hold Tight Henry EDIT: Mark Kendrick


Connexiones, (Pillo Wheels, 2016)


Reading Material


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Thrasher x Slam City Skates, 2021

FILMED/EDIT: Kevin Parrott