Jak Pietryga

Jak skating passed snooker legend Stephen Hendry whilst filming for his Slam welcome clip

Jak skating passed snooker legend Stephen Hendry whilst filming for his Slam welcome clip


Jak Pietryga is a man of many hats. He manages our warehouse and kills it in on a skateboard – sometimes doing both at once. A part of the London landscape for what seems like forever, Jak’s videography begins almost two decades ago in Morph’s Long Live London, throughout his years riding for The Harmony and countless more since in the likes of Cover Version and Rugged Raw 3.

When he’s not on the streets he’s filming heavy clips solo in our warehouse or redefining what’s possible within the framework of his local park in Walthamstow. Jak’s skateboarding speaks for itself, every clip he puts out there is full of the quick-footed technical wizardry we have come to expect. Jak has been skating at a high level for years but instead of that passion dwindling he is constantly ramping things up and continues to progress, often right in front of our eyes.

We still remember Jak and Morph visiting Slam every Sunday when they first started skating the city. We are stoked they are still out there doing it all these years later and proud Jak is part of the team.


Sponsors: Slam City Skates, Yes Fam, Nike SB, Maybe Hardware, Independent, Bones, Ganj Wax, piff Sticks

Hometown: Walthamstow, London


Video Parts


RUGGED RAW 3, 2021


Film/edit: Jake Martinelli


Blips – Cover Version, 2019


Film/edit: Kevin Parrott, Dan Magee


ALBION, 2014


Film/edit: Kevin Parrott, Ryan Gray, Morph


YAM DAT, 2014


Film/edit: Morph



Grey Skate Mag part, 2014

film/edit: Mark Kendrick


River’s Edge, 2009

film/edit: Adam Mondon


Wolfstadt, (The Harmony Skateboards), 2007


Film/edit: Adam Mondon


Routes, 2005


Film/edit: Morph


Long Live London, 2003

film/edit: Henry Edwards-Wood


Reading Material


Jak Pietryga Slam TF Mixtape and Interview: Slam City Skates Blog




Thrasher x Slam City SKates, 2021


Film/edit: Kevin Parrott


Slam City SKates Welcome Video, 2017


Film/edit: Mark Jackson