Dougie George

Dougie George out filming for his Grey Skate Mag video part

Dougie George out on the streets filming for his Grey Skate mAg video part


Having spent his formative years in Santa Cruz Dougie George is a Brighton-to-London transplant, who is as consistently surprising as he is smoothly technical. He is a powerful new addition the Slam squad. If you’re lucky enough to see Dougie on the streets or at parks in our city you are always in for a treat.

Dougie’s output is ever-prolific and we look forward to seeing what a year in his world looks like without any travel restrictions.


Sponsors: Slam City Skates, Poetic Collective, Vans

Hometown: London


Video Parts


O.W.L– Maritime, 2020

FILM/EDIT: Al Hodgson


Grey Video Part, 2020

FILM/EDIT: Mark Hawkshaw-Burn


O.W.L– Pavilion, 2020

FILM/EDIT: Al Hodgson


TRIO, 14:01, 2018


Reading Material


Dougie George ‘My Board’ Interview for Slam City Skates

Dougie George interview for Grey Skate Mag




Thrasher x Slam City Skates, 2021

FILMED/EDIT: Kevin Parrott


Dougie George's tail drop to 50-50 shot by Henry Kingsford for our Thrasher collab, this ad ran in the 500th issue of Thrasher

Dougie George’s tail drop to 50-50 for our Thrasher x Slam City Skates collaboration. This advert ran in the 500th issue of Thrasher Magazine. PH: Henry Kingsford