GSD 19 Photo Gallery

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Peruse the images from our recent Go Skateboarding Day in our GSD 19 photo gallery…

It was an epic turn out to Go Skateboarding Day this year. Hundreds of humans shredding for Ben Raemers. It was a lovely day, the birds were singing, the sun was shining – what more could we ask for? Here’s a collection of photos from the day shot by Rafal Wojnowski, Wig Worland and Henry Kingsford. The first blitz of images are the day through Rafal’s lens…

Digg’s kicking things off with a French ollie

Mark Churchill was master of ceremonies, keeping the fire lit and the smiles on faces

Passport’s Jack O’Grady delayed a return to Oz to power himself into this ride on nosegrind

Jordan Thackeray, Nelly Mayele and Farris Hassan in the mix

Matt Beer getting high

Jacob Sawyer phoning home

Matt Warder keeping the prizes flowing

Nick Sharratt was tearing it up all day

Tom Delion, Conor Charleson and Dan West

Harry Wilson gearing up for some aerial prize distribution

Nobody left empty handed thanks to the abundance of prizes from our amazing community

Here are some photos from the inimitable Mr Wig Worland…

Frontside invert from Ben Broyd

These photos highlight just how much Jordan Thackeray killed it on the day

Stevie Thompson with perfect form on the frontside rock

Finally here are some shots from Henry Kingsford to close this gallery. It was great to have so many eyeballs on hand capturing the vibrations on such a memorable day…



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