Go Skateboarding Day

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We were stoked on the epic turn out for Go Skateboarding Day! We teamed up with Nike SB this year. Hundreds showed up before our doors opened.

We didn’t leave them waiting for long.

We had spent the morning preparing prizes.

Everyone who had arrived came in to collect their lunch bags and eat together before we set off.

This was the busy Bethnal Green lunch scene.

Slam/Nike SB rider Neil Smith took on megaphone duties as soon as he arrived. Once fed and watered he rallied the troops before they took to the streets.

People stopped and stared as an endless chain of skateboarders replaced the traffic.

The swarm headed South through the City.

Nike SB rider Tom Harrison joined us for the day and squeezed this Krook bonk into his journey.

Inevitably our route saw everyone converge at London Bridge as a few people got involved.

Conor Dinwoodie got involved off the bat and killed it throughout the day. This 360 flip at our first stop won him a pair of shoes.

We took to the streets again on our route to our next destination.

Our crew was deep at the Marlborough Sports Garden.

The relocated ledges saw some action. Here is Slam rider Darius Trabalza with a Backside Noseblunt Slide.

Tons of challenges were cooked up for prizes including some Wacky Races action.

Race winner Nelly Mayele with a Noseblunt slide.

Also joining us for the day was Slam/Nike SB rider Casper Brooker pictured here mid back tail.

He joined Darius on the Megaphone at one point and helped orchestrate the hilarity.

We saved some prizes and set off once again with Smithy leading the charge.

Our final destination was Southbank where the rest of the prizes were won by a heavy session down the Seven. It was a great day! We would like to thank everyone who showed up, helped out and joined us on the day! Thanks to Nike SB for teaming up with us on this one and to Maksim Kalanep for taking the photos.