Go Skateboarding Day Gallery

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P-Rod with a dialled in frontside flip

Go Skateboarding day last week was a success. Knowing that Paul Rodriguez would be visiting we decided to build a one off TF. The thought process behind this being that kids are exposed via Instagram to many different exclusive indoor facilities. All of us dream of one day having a space like that. We thought we would build one where everyone gets to see P-Rod and the crew killing it but also gets to join them. It worked out and the turn out and feedback was off the chain. Here are some Fluff crisp images from Marcel Veldman which he shot on the day…

Crowds quickly gathered outside the space

Carlos Ribeiro – Switch Frontside Feeble

Everyone was fed and watered

Kyron Davis was killing it non stop. Switch flip levitation

Carlos calm in the chaos

P-Rod had time for everyone

David Jakinda frontside flips a well sessioned bin

Time for the crew at our new shop

Carlos Ribeiro switch nose wheelies past the crowds. It was like an old St Alban’s comp in there!

For some symmetry here is a switch frontside flip from P-Rod’s quick feet

We hope you enjoyed Marcel’s photos from the day, we are stoked on these images. You can see more of what went down in this video. Thanks once again to everyone who made it down on the day, you guys made this a memorable one for sure. You can shop for P-Rod’s new shoe and more from Nike SB HERE