Palace: The Next Episode

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Palace: The Next Episode, Chewy is still bunning! The Palace news team have been sorely missed. When we heard that they were back on air we were overjoyed.

Big news caused Francis Showerface, the Ron Burgundy of the whole operation to re-assemble the squad and go to town. Palace is now distributed in the U.S by Baker Boys Distribution. This is good news for anybody on the other side of the pond looking to carry the brand or going through Sizzla boards on the regular. Enjoy this new transmission! It has it all – an introduction to the U.S sales team, Mary Like-A-Sission the kickflip specialist, Jamal Smith trick tips, editing advice for HUF, Joey Pepper and more. When your eyes are assailed regularly by black and white slow mo ads soundtracked like a Marvel trailer PWBC news broadcasts really are the antidote. More of this in our lives please, we miss Aesthetics too. All your Palace needs here.