‘Sound & Vision’ by Mike Manzoori

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Watch ‘Sound & Vision’ by Mike Manzoori below. This slice of UK skateboarding history created by one of our favourite skateboarders demands your attention…


Sound & Vision by Mike Manzoori, 1994. YouTube version here.


Via the tape-ripping capabilities of Ben Powell, we’re proud to present Mike Manzoori’s 1994 independent UK skate video, Sound & Vision some 25 years after it was first committed to VHS. Here it is in all its over-saturated VHS glory. Sound and Vision by Mike Manzoori – now available to watch in full with VHS player required.

35 minutes of British skateboarding history, featuring many who went on to leave an indelible mark on global skateboard culture. And just as many who didn’t. From early ’90s Southbank to the infamous, Chris Ince-captained Radlands Skatepark, this glimpse in to the not-so-recent past ought to be of interest to anybody with even a passing involvement in our shared culture.

Featuring footage of, Tom Penny, Mark Channer, Simon Evans, Danny Wainwright, Carl Shipman, Matt Pritchard, Alan Rushbrooke, Alex Moul, Luke McKirdy, Andy Scott, Dave Allen and appearances from visiting US pro’s like Mike Frazier, Jeremy Wray, Pat Duffy, Mike Crum, Danny Way and many more.

“One of the cameras I’d borrowed, from Andy Humphries, I was trying to follow film Matt Anderson at Kennington… I messed up rolling in after him and fell straight to flat, camera first. I pretty much punched the ground with the camera and smashed it to pieces. Thankfully, my mum got creative with some receipt paperwork and we were able to claim on our house insurance. There would’ve been no way I could afford to buy a new one to replace it. I was not popular that week, let me tell you,” says Mike, about making Sound & Vision.

VHS sleeve of Mike Manzoori's 1994 skateboarding video, 'Sound & Vision'

The lesser-spotted cover for Sound & Vision and the extensive cast of characters featured within


To accompany us sharing the video, Ben Powell spoke to Manzoori and where it sits in skateboarding’s timeline, discussing his pre-filmaker days, skating with Curtis McCann and Simon Evans, Southbank back in the day and more which you can read here.