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Slam Welcome Pontus Alv to the team. We are proud to announce Pontus Alv as a Slam City Skates Team Rider! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!

Slam Welcome Pontus Alv to the team

We are looking forward to working with Pontus Alv in the future and are stoked he is repping the store back in Malmo. Expect to hear more from Pontus and Polar very soon. Check out this exclusive interview we did with him not so long ago. This news that Slam Welcome Pontus to the team was announced this morning in a double-page ad that appears in the new Grey

Volume 02 Issue 03 just arrived and will be in stores for the weekend. Adrien Coillard is ollieing through the posts to noseslide on the cover. This issue features a Joe Gavin interview, a Jeremy Jones Up and a tour article following the Cliché team from Lyon to Marseille.

Although our stint with Pontus on the team was brief we have enjoyed working closely with him over the years. Here is the current Slam City Skates Team line up. Read our most recent Catch Up With Pontus Alv.