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Clothing from Quartersnacks just arrived and is available to buy from us right now. Quartersnacks quickly became a bookmarked corner of the internet, a window into the healthy New York skate scene. Regular content, edits and pointers to everything the internet has to offer which may have occurred off our radar keeps us coming back. It is a great thing for many reasons. One of them being romanticising the quarter snack. The English equivalent would be maize delicacies like Tangy Toms or Transform-A-Snacks. In their own words this kind of mission statement sums up the whole operation and reinforces what I think we all hold dear…
When you were a kid pushing around the city with little concern for the time, you learned to make your money stretch. It didn’t matter if you had some shitty job or got money from your parents — you restricted your options to dollar-menus, slices, 99-cent Arizona cans, 50-cent Tropical Fantasy sodas and Little Debbie snack cakes, which were a mere quarter. When your pockets only contained some loose change, a Metrocard, and nuggets of wax, the quarter snack was the most viable option.
Once you can afford actual meals and overpriced rent for a Lower East Side hole-in-the-wall, the quarter snack becomes a symbol of a simpler time, back when you were content with skating on a diet that could lead to diabetes if not phased out by 19. That’s when things were less complicated and a lot more fun.

We have two colours in the Coach Jacket, the Tompkins Crew, two colours in the Snackman T-Shirt, the 1996 T-Shirt and the Dad Hat. We will leave you with their End Of Summer/Labor Day Weekend edit from earlier in the year…

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