Palace Skateboards ‘Palasonic’

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After a long wait the full length Palace video ‘Palasonic’ is ready for you to take in. Palace have delivered! Lev Tanju, Jack Brooks, Michael J Fox and Todd Hunter sacrificed their lower backs to make this one. Filming with a VHS sandbag is no easy task after a long day in the field. What greets you also involved the mammoth undertaking of capturing clips from the contents of a Blockbuster Video shop. Palace video output has been prolific over the last few years which have been punctuated by new regular clips but important bits were held back for this full length. Footage wise everybody came through. We were lucky enough to be at the premiere and heard the energy this generated from the get go. We are especially proud to have a grip of Slam team riders in the video from open to close. Rory Milanes, Blondey McCoy, Charlie Young, Danny Brady and Lucien Clarke are all in there doing what they do best and London never looked so good, every part is a banger. One stand out moment for us appears later in the video. Lucien Clarke’s dedication to Victoria benches where he started skating, with a tip of the hat to Toby Shuall who regulated this spot, is a poetic masterpiece. ‘Palasonic’ was worth the wait and it reinforces what an amazing team they have. Enjoy some lovingly crafted visuals and buy a Palace board HERE