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Portrait – Lex Kembery

This is a collection of photographs of Nick Jensen shot by three of our favourite photographers. We asked Lex Kembery, Henry Kingsford and Sam Ashley for photos of Nick and they were all happy to oblige. Recently Lakai teamed up with Isle on a Griffin XLK. This shoe design project was overseen by Nick. We were keen to organise a launch for this shoe and used the opportunity to display these photographs for everyone who came out to see this collaboration. This post contains all of the photos which were on display on the night. Every Lakai or Isle purchase from our Covent Garden store will come with one of these limited edition prints while they still exist. When they are gone, they are gone so pay us a visit soon.

Lex Kembery

Crooked Grind

‘Shooting photos with Nick is always a refreshing experience – I think he has a strong vision of how something will look as a photograph – maybe it comes from being a painter. It’s like he already knows the outcome and I think the photographer is another piece in the puzzle, just like waxing the ledge. Not to say that Nick doesn’t allow you to have creative control- but he definitely has a good eye and I think he knows what photographers will shoot certain things well.

I actually have a lot to thank Nick for because I met him once in Croydon and he was the first professional that I shot a photo with. I didn’t live in London at the time and I can remember getting the train up to town, feeling sick with worry, about messing something up or Nick not liking it. I must have made Nick do the back tail about thirty times as I was so worried – on film you never do know. Pretty sure he thought I was mental.

Since shooting that first photo back in 2008, We have shot many times for various magazines or articles, I always look forward to taking photographs with Jensen as it still just as it exciting as it was back then.’-LK

Backside Tailslide. Lex’ first photo with Nick

Backside Flip

Henry Kingsford

Backside Noseblunt Slide

‘My first published photo was a shot of Nick doing a backside noseblunt slide in front of the Arsenal stadium in Highbury. It was used on the cover of Document magazine. I was at college studying photography and Nick was always up for trying out ideas I had, even though I didn’t really know what I was doing and had no magazines interested in using my photos. If I asked him to do a noseslide on a particular spot I had in mind, he’d always suggest a harder trick or one that looked better in photos, a backside smith or noseblunt. That’s how we ended up getting the cover, so thanks Nick. It’s great to see you still on top of your game 8 years later.’ –HK

Bar Ollie

Backside Tailslide

Road Gap Ollie

Sam Ashley
Reflective Crook Bin Bonk

‘There’s a lot of reasons I like shooting with Nick; he’s got a good eye for a spot, he’s dedicated, and obviously talented on a skateboard… But above all, he’s a good friend.’-SA

Chalky Frontside Bluntslide

As close to a Dali painting as a black & white photo can get. Backside Flip-Southbank

Sicilian Backside tailslide

Thanks to Lex, Henry and Sam for these photographs. Be sure to visit our Covent Garden store where you will be able to take your pick of these incredible images with any Lakai or Isle purchase.