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On Friday last week we were pleased to be invited to the private view of My Rules. Glen E. Friedman hasn’t exhibited in the UK since 1997. The recent release of his book which uses the same title as his first zine set the wheels in motion for this show. His work began in the middle of the 70’s, it spans years and sub cultures. From his beginnings skating backyard pools in LA to early DIY shows from the likes of Black Flag and Minor Threat to album covers and photo shoots which are etched into hip hop history. Much of his work is covered by past publications, this book however contains never before seen photos. Not only that it is punctuated by the words and feelings of many of his subjects. This is the basis for the show. Here are some photos shot to give you an idea of it’s scope. Ignore any reflections caught by my Lumix, may they serve to illustrate how well lit it is…

L to R Clockwise. The Beastie Boys. Chuck D and Flavor Flav. Minor Threat. A Tribe Called Quest.

As you can see above those are some heavy hitters with a far reaching musical influence beloved by the skateboard community. Their craft has stood the test of time. This show spans a number of rooms, there are some amazing skate photos in there…

L to R Clockwise. Duane Peters. Jay Adams. Dog Town Tiles. Shogo Kubo.

There’s a powerful photo in there of Tony Alva powering a frontside air in a backyard ramp in West LA from 1977. It’s worth it to go and see these photos alone. Photos you may have seen are printed larger and better than ever before. Quotes you read on the walls outside each room resonate as you view the photos. There are audio recordings in some of the rooms too including an unreleased interview between Jay Adams and Glen E. Friedman. Here is one more selection of pictures…

L to R Clockwise. Black Flag. Beastie Boys. Glenn Danzig. Christian Hosoi.

This is the first time the space has been used in many years. This show is located at 14 Henrietta Street in Covent Garden. It is footsteps away from Covent Garden market and has quite a bit of history itself. Victor Gollancz who published George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and Franz Kafka’s The Trial once lived there and ran his business from there too. This is a must see exhibition and it runs until January 18th 2015. That’s plenty of time for you to go and take this trip. We were lucky enough to interview Glen so we will be bringing that to you in the coming week. Stay tuned.

Glen E. Friedman ‘My Rules’ Photography Exhibition
November 21st 2014 – January 18th 2015
14 Henrietta St, Covent Garden WC2H