Living Off The Wall

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Vans have just put out some great new documentaries which have been added to their Living Off The Wall series. This series was put together as a platform for the brands favourite story-tellers. These individuals have been picked for their single commitment to originality and we get to learn more about their chosen forms of expression and creative process. Vans think of “Off The Wall” as a state of mind and seek to inspire others with these clips. Here are two of our favourites…

This documentary by Jared Eberhardt gives us a glimpse into life through the eyes of designer Aaron Draplin. There is a second part to this that you should follow up. His eye for design and the joy he garners from the work of others is a lesson in appreciating the little things we are surrounded by daily.

Han Su Kim captures Dallas Clayton’s journey which saw him self publishing a book which would change the direction of his life and encourages us to dream big. There are plenty more of these to watch if you find yourself with some free time. They could encourage following creative urges and may even give you some ideas. Vans continued support of creatives can be seen at the Living Off The Wall part of their site so follow the links to watch more. You can shop for Vans HERE.