Get Lesta Get 420 Interview

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The new video offering from Get Lesta just arrived, it’s called Get 420 and you need to get your hands on a copy HERE! Once more the crew have come through. We found out a lot more about the process of making this video in this exclusive interview with Get Lesta creator Callun Loomes…

When does the video drop and where is it premiering?

The Video drops October 22nd and the first premiere is at Broom skatepark in Leicester, all the previous video’s have premiered there so is now a tradition. The DVD will be in shops on the Monday (24th) shortly followed by the Slam City Skates showing on the Thursday (27th)

Give us a little intro to Get Lesta – 420, can we expect anything new in terms of concept/editing/music or is it more of your same winning Get Lesta formula?

The most serious non serious video? ha. Nah I always struggle with what it is, not a company a crew I guess. Just a group of mates, them videos end up being more productive because there’s no serious pressure. The only pressure you get is from your mates calling you a pussy in the whatsapp group, not from a businessman telling you your slacking.

Callun Loomes filming Lucas Healey. Photo: Matt Clarke

As far as editing goes it’s my first full length video in HD, all the others have been VX. I imagine my filming/editing will have changed slightly as I’ve had to adapt. I’ve been staring at the same footage for over a month now so I don’t even know what’s what anymore. Music for the DVD I’ve always done the same deal, everyone sends me 10 section songs they would be happy to use. I try them all out see which works and suits the best, obviously the length of the song and what other people have comes into it. Also that way there’s a element of surprise (well, slightly) as they don’t know which song I’ve chosen till the night.

Who’s in it – is there anyone we might be surprised by, any chance of a cameo from any of the Primitive boys? Any footage of yourself?

There will be sections from Will Golding, Charlie Munro, James Bush, Mark Stern, Eric Thomas, Shehzad Jaffer & Shumba King, Mike Simons, Nick Roberts, Zeta Rush, Kris Vile, Danni Gallacher, Lucas Healey and Kelley Dawson. I’ve just finished editing the video and sent it off, think there was like 18 chapters in total. Including the intro, credits & two friend montages. So there’s a good 14 sections which sounds a lot, well it is a lot but quite a few are just 2minutes long. I used a few tricks from the Primitive boys in one of the montages which I’m sure everyone will be hyped on. Especially as they’re skating the same spots, like Diego skating St Pauls alongside a UK guy. Unfortunately no footage of myself. As much as people would like to see it, for the wrong reasons ha ha. Plus no way I’m trusting any of the idiots with my camera, that seems a good excuse right?

Charlie Munro. Switch Ollie in Kettering. Photo: Matt Clarke

You mentioned you guys have been down to The Big Smoke to film a little more this time, should we be expecting any NBD’s on London skate landmarks? Who have you been skating with in London?

Yeah my girlfriend moved to London for 3 months right near the deadline so I spent most of my time there. Was a change as the previous DVD’s didn’t really have any London footage at all. Hopefully some NBD’s, you’ll have to tell me. If not you can scrap what I just said and I’ll just blag that we filmed them first, couple of years ago or something ha. Met up with Sam Murgatroyd quite a bit, I’d tag along with whoever was about, Harry, Manny, Austin etc them guys are out everyday. All of my lot work during the week so they would only come down on weekends, we’re used to driving from spot to spot so not being able to do that is the strangest thing about London to us.

We have heard rumours of a pretty extensive injuries list – especially approaching the deadline, who’s taken it worst? How many trips to the hospital for have there been during the making of this vid?

Yeah everyone likes to exaggerate and play on the fact I hurt people ha. The last two weeks of filming Mark broke his foot, Charlie had a wire in his wrist and Kris did something to the ligaments in his foot. Mark wasn’t with me so I’m not taking the blame for that one. Charlie and Kris got unlucky on their last trick, thats why you try it last. Means they can chill over the winter now, the best time to have a wire in your wrist haha.

James Bush with a hurricane in MK. Photo: Matt Clarke

The name – 420 – is bunning a key piece in the Get Lesta puzzle? Who from the squad is leader in this field?

I don’t smoke so I think they just wanted the name to wind me up to be honest haha. They started hashtagging it so I had no choice, if I called it something else they would just ignore it and put what they wanted. Errrr Kel Charlie or Kris, they don’t know what day it is.

I know right now you mentioned you are trapped for a month in the editing cave guzzling energy drinks – what are you going to do to celebrate once you get out?

Yeah I’ve just finished a month of being inside which seemed like 6 months. We’ve just done a collab with Footprint for a Get Lesta innersole to coincide with the video. So I need to quickly put together a quick clip to go online before Get420 comes out. So I won’t get to celebrate till the premiere! Then I can chill for a little bit, won’t need to rush out and film in the snow.

You can buy Get 420 HERE. We will be premiering this new release on Thursday at our Covent Garden store.