The FTC Book

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We have just received the FTC book. This hardback book is amazing!…

The FTC Book available now from Slam City Skates
The book begins with the history of the store and it’s growth, beginning with a young Kent Uyehara’s idea. What follows is a wealth of photos and interviews with everyone affiliated with the store from the likes of Rick Ibaseta, Jovontae Turner, and James Kelch to Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. There is a chapter about the videos and a complete archive of ads, logos, boards, and catalogues.

It winds up celebrating how what was once a small concession has grown into a worldwide movement. This is a must-have for anyone influenced by everything that is great about skateboarding that was happening and growing daily on the West coast. The FTC Book is essential reading. You can buy yours from us now. We’ll leave you with Mike Carroll and Rick Howard’s part from the FTC video Penal Code 100a…

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