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Fos at the Heroin booth at the Agenda trade show

Mark ‘Fos’ Foster has been living in Los Angeles for quite a while now. We know deep down his heart is still dicking around at Stockwell. Looking back through our library of posts a fair amount of time has elapsed since we caught up with him on here. Last time was by way of this interview from 2013. We are stoked that he came back to us with these photos for a 5000 Words. If you were to ask Fos how he is doing, my money is on “Living the dream” being his response. Enjoy this window into that dream…

Girls in LA are HOT!!! I shot this when I first moved here and didn’t have a car yet and rode the bus everywhere. These nutters were listening to the radio and consoling each other about something. Welcome to LA!

I was driving to Baker with Jim Greco when we saw this poor lad by the side of the road. If you’re having a bad day, just be thankful that your Mercedes didn’t burst into flames on the 5 freeway.

Me, Twuan and Moz.

That time that I went to Boston, and ate six hot dogs for a dumb food challenge, sounds easy but it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, I think i did irreparable damage to my stomach that day. By the fifth one I couldnt stand the smell or sight of them anymore, and had to walk to the other side of the restaurant and then walk back and take a bite. Me and my friend Daddy Long Legs did this together, he went outside afterwards and made himself puke, I was laughing so hard that I puked too. A binding experience, I got a tee shirt and if you’re ever at Spikes Junkyard Dogs in Boston there might still be a photo of me on the wall.

Craig Questions came to LA one time and we took him to PCC swap meet, he spent all his money on junk like this Ronald McDonald doll and didn’t have any money to eat. Someone dropped an egg sandwich on the floor right in front of him and he didn’t miss a beat just asked if they were going to eat it and when they said No, scooped it up off the floor and started mucking away. He loved the swap meet so much that he said he wants his ashes spreading there.

Thanks to Fos for sending us these pictures. You can shop for Heroin HERE