Diamond Footwear Photo Gallery

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Here is a photo gallery from our recent visit from the Diamond Footwear team. Check out some photos of the squad at our Covent Garden shop before heading off to do a demo…


Boo Johnson, Torey Pudwill, Jamie Foy, Nick Tucker, Brandon Biebel and Jeron Wilson with Slam staff Tygar Smith, Mikey Patrick and Matt Warder.

We were stoked to be part of the Diamond Footwear team’s itinerary on their European tour. Unless you have been living under a rock you will have seen some serious output from SOTY Jamie Foy during this excursion and we’re excited to see what footage the squad acquired on their travels. The Diamond team came to visit us last Saturday afternoon and so did a lot of you guys so thank you for coming out to show love. We hosted a meet and greet in the shop before the team headed off to Southbank for a demo. Here are a few photos shot in our Covent Garden shop by Seu Trinh…


Nick Tucker

Brandon Biebel

Jamie Foy

Boo Johnson

Brandon Biebel and Jeron Wilson

Diamond crew and Slam staff inside our Endell Street shop

Thanks once again to Diamond for including us in their plans and to everyone who came to visit us on the day. We hope you all had a good time. There will be a tour video surfacing soon which will include their London visit so keep them peeled. You can shop for Diamond HERE