Descent Pulman Interview

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In this ‘Descent Pulman Interview’ we caught up with Chris Pulman to talk about his new company Descent to find out more…

Descent Pulman Interview

Chris Pulman has been dedicating his time of late to nurturing his new company Descent and making it into the best it can be. Chris has always thought a tremendous amount about things. Plenty of attention has been paid to detail when it comes to the products he is now making. We are stoked to have three of the new boards in stock. These feature graphics by James Jarvis. There is a Get Down board which is an 8.1″, a Less board which is 8.3″ and a Resistance board which is 8.5″. As well as these new boards we have a couple of T-Shirts in stock too. These have the Descent graphic on the breast and as a larger back print. These come in White or Gold. After our previous interview with Chris when the first batch of boards came back we thought we would catch up with him again…

Descent Pulman Interview

Chris Pulman-Frontside Feeble Grinds at Elephant and Castle.


This is the second drop of Descent products, are you stoked with how things came back?

Man, I’m really hyped! When you’re just at the start of doing something new it feels really important to do and make everything perfectly. It’s not always possible and there are plenty of aspects that go into making this stuff that you can easily overlook. Having the final product in your hand is so satisfying, especially when it comes out exactly as you wanted it. I’ve worked with factories and printers that I think are the best, are doing things right and have a good level of attention to detail. Everyone knows I’m super nerdy about product so hopefully that translates into rad, constant stuff for people to skate.

What was the response like to the initial drop?

It sold out in a week, haha! Totally took me by surprise. The response was amazing from all the shops that bought into it and had the faith to back something blindly because I was heading it up. Same goes for the first customers that bought those decks. I really appreciated everyones support throughout skateboarding.

Using the Descendents mailing list I’m speaking direct to the guys that like this stuff and want to know more. Like on Friday 20th, I have a special announcement for anyone that bought the first series of decks and got one of the numbered leather wristbands I made…

How was it working with James Jarvis?

Mr Jarvis is one of the sweetest humans alive, I really mean that. He’s been linked to so many of the things I’ve done in skating, from Slam to riding for Heroin and then with Silas which was a brand I always thought was amazing.

How would you describe his work to someone unfamiliar with it?

James has a kind of clean, simple aesthetic which lends itself well to communicating an idea, a point of view, or something downright silly. I guess, and I’m no artist really, the best drawings are the ones that communicate the most with the least number of strokes. James has an intrinsic Britishness which suits our demeanour here too as well as some kind of graphical comedy timing. It all adds up to something I really like and can relate to.

Did you have an idea to pitch to James? His work at that point definitely lent itself to what you had in mind with his sketch a day…

For sure, I really like James’ recent stuff for the reasons I just mentioned, you can count the number of brushstrokes almost, the simplicity is innocent and genuine so that really suits what I want to do with Descent, a really honest genuine company for dudes that skate and think about it too much… I basically knew I wanted James involved somehow before I even got moving with this. I chatted to him and explained the general ethos and he was down to do a series. I’m beyond grateful, trust me. It’s really an honour…

Have any web clips struck a chord with you lately?

I was hyped on Cherry for sure. It came across as really genuine and inclusive, rather than being the exclusive thing it could’ve been. I think it really spoke to the younger guys and maybe even defined skating somewhat for them in a way. It made me wish to be younger for sure. It felt like watching Hocus Pokus for the first time or Questionable. You’d walk out of the cinema feeling lifted and changed somehow…

As far as actual web clips, Casper’s Nike clip was rad, Dylan Hughes B-roll stuff was sick, Lance’s 50th birthday montage, Joe O’Donnells Heroin clip. Loads of stuff. Basically if, Milic, Sublette, Suciu, Gillete or Piscopo have any footage out, that’ll be my favourite thing.

What’s your favourite thing done on a skateboard this year so far?


Milic did that 50-50 to manual down a rail to fs shove out.

Last trick here is mental and this. You know I’m a sucker for a no-comply variation.

Off a skateboard?

I like this.

What can we expect to see from Descent in the coming Months?

Well, I’m now concentrating on Descent full time so more footage of Curtis Pearl, Tom Tanner and Chris Mann. I might even have some magic left myself (I did say “might” haha!). Some really interesting projects for artwork. I could do with another rider or two but I’m not really chasing anyone too hard. I have my eye on a couple of skaters for sure. I just figure that the right guys will gravitate toward the company because they want to be involved.

There are a few more things I want to make and maybe a few bits of leatherwork stuff like wallets and belts and skate-carriers. Get asked for them constantly…

If the lottery numbers come in, I’ll be building that solid marble skatepark.