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Can it be that it was all so simple then? Dear Skating’s Chris Lipomi has made it his mission to dig through the history books to recreate a feeling. Many high street brands understand that referencing the past sells, you can buy a weathered Ramones shirt anywhere now but mocking up a fake relic isn’t what Dear Skating have done. Far more of an honourable and respectful journey has been made into the past. Chris isn’t wielding a Sports Almanac and we are all invited on his journey. He has been perusing the past and hand picking moments, even making available things which never were but exist in our collective consciousness. In a recent interview he said that he “wanted to recreate that feeling of finding that box in your parents’ attic with all your old shirts in it for as many people as possible”. We have been stocking Dear since the first drop of T-Shirts through to the recent Christmas Stick-O-Rama inspired release and are looking forward to seeing the whole thing evolve. We recommend you read this Chris Lipomi interview because he has a lot of interesting things to say. It covers everything from his early discussions with Brian Anderson and Alex Olson, his personal relationship with skateboarding and the journey it took him on and it has him articulate the pure feeling he wants Dear to represent and recreate. One of the most interesting points in the interview is the observation that skateboarding is finally beginning to reference itself. Read the whole interview by Mackenzie Eisenhour HERE. Shop for everything we have from Dear Skating HERE