Colin Kennedy-5000 Words

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Colin Kennedy Portrait – Oliver Barton

I count myself lucky to be surrounded by people who inspire me. None more so than Colin Scott Kennedy.

From the capped mini matchstick spine master at the old church ramps in Anniesland, Glasgow, to the powerful and great fellow Edinburgh dweller today, Colin sets high bars in every zone of life and makes a real difference in all he does.

I hardly need mention skateboarding, but will relate his skill levels on a board to those he uses daily as a father and foster parent at home, as well as others in his professional life and solidly as a friend.
Not everyone gets to pull it all off, nor have the respect that Colin so easily deserves and commands.
All love CK. Thankyou for the endless inspiration and days well spent.

Intro by Colin ‘Cubic’ McInnes


Oski : 7am, Abu Dhabi airport. In retrospect, ‘time’ was not relevant after enduring the long haul from Sydney; However what WAS relevant was Oskar’s insatiable appetite, which found us in the nearest steak house.


Vaughan and Scuba : Barcelona, Spain. – Great TM’s cannot be fucking divas or prima donna’s. BOOT LIFE, every moment is a great moment.


Shier and I : Lake, north of Helsinki. No words needed, ‘we on a boat’ etc. (Shot by either Sam Ashley or Dan Magee on my camera)


Shug aka @human_duncan : Glasgow. – without exaggeration Shug might just be the most dedicated 40+ skateboarder living today, here he is treating the Glasgow skate community to some wisdom after premiering his magnum opus video part ‘catchin’ 40′.


I’m lucky to work with good friends who trust each other, Jugga channeling GT and can bumping off Eelco’s head.


Even tha gods have to queue for free beer. Jugga and Nando in CPH.


Manchester : When you think you still have it ….


Denny Pham : looking burnt but in better shape than me after a 10 hour flight from Sao Paolo and waiting to board for LA at Houston. On the up side I met Shier that afternoon and we drank Margaritas in his local neighbourhood


Grant and Greyson, Sydney OZ : it’s imperative to come correct when GT is behind the lens, Greyson doing just that ….


On a glacier, Iceland : Job perks


Master and Apprentice.


Barton and Magee, California. Perspective doing Magee a mis-service.


Shier not tripping at all on his wedding day.


Shier not tripping at all on his wedding day pt. 2. O’Meally offering some wardrobe support prior to the ceremony and some pool service afterwards.


Wieger FS krook. Hubba, East london.


Friends for life. Lance and Wiegs catch up in a soggy Paris, laughter ensues for 2 days.


Smiles and positive vibes. Lewis Marnell forever, London.


Taipei, Taiwan – where the dogs roll.

Thanks to Colin Kennedy for taking the time out of his busy schedule to put this 5000 Words together