Bobby Puleo Lost In LA

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We recommend you watch this Bobby Puleo Lost in LA video, one for the skateboarding historians out there…



Any time we are alerted to something new from Same Old it’s a guarantee that our day is about to be enriched. Any fan of skateboarding history will be instantly sucked into this video of Bobby Puleo’s Indiana Jones style quest. Just like the Skatercon video from last year, Bobby’s voracious quest for information and ephemera comes up trumps. He speaks to Todd Huber, Tony Magnusson, Mark Waters, Larry Balma, GSD and Jake Rosenberg.

This is a glimpse into a rich world through a lens that promises there is more to come. We would love to spend some hours flicking through Jake Rosenberg’s Jordan box of priceless artefacts and Todd Huber’s board rack is too much to comprehend.