Alien Workshop x Haring

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Alien Workshop have a new series of boards featuring the artwork of Keith Haring. Skateboarders were exploring New York City in the early 80’s, the legacy of their exploration still resonates strongly now. Footage from New York has always been exciting and their scene is perhaps the most similar to what we have here in London. It is best celebrated in the documentary Deathbowl to Downtown, definitely set some time aside to give this a watch. While crews set upon the City looking for spots and establishing a presence at some of the most famous landmarks in NY skate history a young Keith Haring was doing his own exploring and making his mark visually when not being apprehended for “criminal mischief”. He was an influential and integral part of a new wave of creative destruction sweeping the City. Haring’s work often dealt with social issues and is synonymous with this time in history, before and after mayor Giulliani’s clean up. His recognisable characters make sense and sit well on these new Alien Workshop boards. Get yours here amongst others.