Albion DVD

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of Albion on DVD. Get your hands on a copy of this incredible independent release here…

The Albion DVD has landed. This incredible independent release made by Morph, Kev Parrott, and Ryan Gray is essential

We just received copies of the excellent ALBION dvd. We are glad to have this in stock following our viewing the other night. This features full parts from Jak Pietryga, Denis Lynn, Horsey and Ben Raemers and many more. This was made by Ryan Gray, Kevin Parrott and Morph and is the bi-product of many different missions. In the words of it’s creators Ryan Gray, Kevin Parrott and Morph “Albion was a project born from the end of Sidewalk:In Progress filming missions, Yam Dat edits, ideas floating around with no home, the revolving cast of shredders sleeping on the ramp at the Clapton Castle, and the want to put something together to cover where we are all at right now”.

It’s always good to see an independent video from these shores and the standard of this one is through the roof. You need to own a copy. Your £8 buys you 37 minutes of entertainment plus a bonus 9 minutes of Piffclips from Morph. This dvd is available now online now and from our East store. They will be avilable to buy from our Covent Garden store after the weekend.