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Don’t miss out on the Albion viewing we have planned for you before the official release…

Slam City Skates screening of the Albion video by Kevin Parrott, Morph, and Ryan Gray

We are pleased to announce a viewing of the ALBION video which premiered the other night at the Wayward Gallery. It will be shown at our East London store on Friday March 7th at 6.30pm. This is your chance to see it before it’s release next week. Come down to have a watch and share some beers with us. We can confirm that the video is banging! Full parts from Jak Pietryga, Denis Lynn, Horsey and Ben Raemers and many more. This was made by Ryan Gray, Kevin Parrott and Morph and is the bi-product of many different missions. This project is best summed up in their own words which fill the contents of the limited edition zine which was sold at the premiere…

Albion was a project born from the end of Sidewalk:In Progress filming missions, Yam Dat edits, ideas floating around with no home, the revolving cast of shredders sleeping on the ramp at the Clapton Castle, and the want to put something together to cover where we are all at right now.

This skateboarding video represents two years of us working outside of our regular jobs- Karim, Nick, Daryl and Horsey finishing work on an evening and getting stuck into filming. Jak and Denis battling against injury and hospital advice, Charlie hammering down to London over school holidays, Ben making sure he had a few extra days to put into this in between his relentless schedule of Stateside missions, as well as Tom and Kris being keen whenever they were around but never really knowing when that would be.

Anyway, we really hope you enjoy the video,

Ryan, Kevin, and Morph

We hope to see you on Friday evening!