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We are pleased to tell you that 3D decks are now available from Slam City Skates…

Brian Anderson's company 3D skateboards is now available from Slam City Skates

In May this year there were lots of announcements, shifts in the fabric of skateboarding like the news of Dill and AVE leaving Alien. At exactly the same time we learned that Brian Anderson was to leave Girl. Four months down the line we’re glad to tell you that Brian Anderson’s new project 3D is available to buy and the products look great. We have two boards in stock so far the banana deck 8.5′ and the bear team 8.125′. We look forward to seeing more of Brian Anderson and Austyn Gillette soon as 3D develops. Shop for 3D skateboards and all other new Skateboard Decks. Read an exclusive interview with Brian Anderson.