20 Plus Jody Morris Book

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We just received 20 Plus which is a new publication for us. This hardback book features more than 20 years of Jody Morris’ skateboard photography. This video above sees Pat Duffy telling the back story of one of many iconic photos which appear in this book. During skateboardings rebirth in the early nineties when there was less money, new small companies and the rate of progression was truly bonkers, Jody Morris was in there amongst it. He was in house photographer for World Industries, one of the people responsible for making us all want to visit this park…


He helped define how we saw skateboarding after this period of time when he became senior photographer for Transworld. This book spans his career and that of many skateboarders. It features the likes of Koston, Mariano, McCrank, P-Rod, Tony Hawk, Hosoi, Sheckler, Hensley, Mullen, Sheffey, Danny Way and many more. You need this book in your library, buy 20 Plus HERE.