Vaughan Baker Supra Tour Interview

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Vaughan Baker Supra Tour Interview, Vaughan is one of the longest serving Slam team riders has had a lot happen in the last little while. His job working for KR3W and Supra as European Skate Marketing Coordinator has found him residing in Barcelona.

Vaughan Baker Supra Tour Interview
Vaughan Baker – Tre Flip at sunny Stockwell. Photo – Mark Jackson

From there he cooked up the Supra UK Residency tour which just blew through town. We managed to catch up with him and ask him these few questions before his journey home…

Yes Vaughan, how has this trip been?

It’s been real good! We started in Bristol on the 19th June and carried on through until yesterday (15th July) We had a couple of smaller demos and sigings in Bulgaria and Poland after the UK trip was over. It was a pretty long one but everyone killed it. I always enjoy these trips, don’t get me wrong the planning of these are really hard work and being answerable to every detail is stressful but it’s the only real time of the year i get to hang out with all the team which is the best every time, I’m happy to being heading home now though (I’m writing this from Gatwick airport on my way home to BCN.)

Has it been easier or harder making sure everyone gets to where they need to be on home soil?

Well i felt a lot more comfortable being able to line up spots for everyone as i know most of them through travelling throughout the country skating myself when i was younger. I was personally really hyped to see everyone step up to stuff that I’m familiar with and seeing the response from friends and other skaters in the cities we passed through.

Have you lost anyone?

Yeah. Sam Ashley! Sam was with us when we were in Manchester. One day we drove over to Sheffield to see the Slugger guys and when it came to leave the 2 vans left at different times. I thought Sam had gone in the first van and didn’t realise he was still in Sheffield until I arrived in Manchester. I had a drunk Sam on the phone very pissed off with me …sorry mate.

Vaughan Baker Supra Tour Interview
Vaughan drying the floor at the Frontside Gardens demo. Photo – Maksim Kalanep

Who has been on a mission the most on this one?

We had different groups of people in at different parts of the trip. Erik Ellington really went in when we were in Bristol, it was so sick seeing him make a dent in the city’s spots over the space of 5 days. Apart from that i’d say nearly the whole team were on a mission throughout, always great to see.

I know you are aware of everyones talent but does anyone consistently surprise you?

I’d have to say this time around Oscar Candon surprised me a lot! I mean I skate with Oscar a lot but he really put the pedal down on this one! Good shit mate.

Is there plenty more travel on your agenda after this?

Yep! My whole year is pretty much planned out. Alongside being in the office theres a couple of contests I want to attend as well as some smaller trips with the EU guys for both KR3W and SUPRA, it’s the best.