Vaughan Baker-5000 Words #2

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Vaughan Baker-Switch Frontside Noseslide. Photo- Flo Lanni

Vaughan Baker getting involved on a not so little ledge. One of the big advantages of living in Barcelona is the good weather and guaranteed skates. We are stoked Vaughan is still taking full advantage of that and we hope to be bringing you more evidence of this soon. This is the second part of Vaughan’s 5000 Words featuring more good memories of travelling with SUPRA and KR3W

1.Chad Muska, London 2014.
Its so sick travelling with Chad he’s one of the most motivated people I’ve ever met, especially on trips! Pays his own way, always wants to get out and skate and is awesome with fans and anyone else he meets along the way. Today’s generation of skateboarders have a lot to take from guys like him, true legend.

2. Lizard King. Austria 2013.
I think the more Lizard likes you the more he tortures you, and trust me its real!!! On our tour a few years back he carried a polaroid camera around with him the whole trip documenting his travelling by sticking every photo he shot in to a scrapbook. Heres a photo of him doing an impression of Supra skate boss Dennis Martin on a very wine fuelled train journey to Austria a few years back.

3. Dee Ostrander,Ryan Allan,Spencer Hamilton and Lizard 2014.
We getting wavy on the road to Stonehenge.

4. Lizard, Bristol 2014.
We had a great time in Bristol last summer, big thanks to Syd and the boys for playing great hosts to us whilst we were in town, here’s a shot of a victorious Lizard at the waste ground spot. One bottle of red wine and a nose bonk down.

5. Erik Ellington,Bristol 2014.
Here’s one for the archives, Piddy loves the Werthers, one of many bags he consumed throughout his stay in the UK.

6. Chad Muska. Los Angeles 2014.
#HBD #Muskaforever ennit.

7. Tom Penny,Lucien Clarke and Oscar Candon. Barcelona 2014.
I’ve been living out in Barcelona for the last year, I guess this is something I didn’t anticipate on my list of things that I was planning to do in my life especially at the age of 35. The chances of me ever learning to speak the language are out the window and I most certainly miss the UK, my friends, Eastenders, Stockwell, the food and real pubs… Guess I’ll find my way back one day. But on as an upside we have great weather, the best skate spots, affordable living, a long list of people wanting to visit and a beach to hang out at when it gets to hot. Here’s a photo of the boys at the end of a little filming mission we did out there last year. Squad up!!!

8. Neen Williams, Barcelona. 2014.
Neen is a man of simple pleasures. Good food, Cheeks and Bangers. Here’s a photo shot whilst in Barcelona last summer whilst filming for his part in Outliers looking pretty Micky Rourke after filming his last trick in the section… Best heel flip known to man!

9. Chad Muska and Tom Penny. Austria. 2013.
I know there’s been a few shots of these two but I figured a photo article dedicated to Supra and Kr3w wouldn’t be the same without as shot of them together, reunited after a fair few years here’s Chad and Tom in Vienna Austria in 2013.

10. Tom Penny and Fan. Madrid 2014.
Tom signs autographs that are impeccable every single time. This photo is at Tetuan Skate park from a Supra filming trip we went onto Madrid at the end of 2014 and this article.