Vans Syndicate x Mister Cartoon

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This year Vans Syndicate celebrate their ten year anniversary. Those ten years have seen one interesting release after another, each one with a story to tell. Throughout they have tapped into the many diverse influences and influencers who contribute to the fabric of our rich culture. We were excited when we were approached to work with them on a project back in 2013. Check out what we came up with for their 23rd ever shoe HERE . For their 10th anniversary Vans have looked back and worked once again with key contributors to the Syndicate story. The first one of these is the shoe above which is the work of Mister Cartoon who is a legendary tattoo artist/graffiti writer. Here is a look at some of the finer details…


Mister Cartoon was the creative force behind the first ever Vans Syndicate release. His hand style is the foundation of the Syndicate aesthetic, he is responsible for the unmistakeable ‘S’ logo. Honouring this contribution Vans have revisited his first shoe. Once again he has chosen the Authentic silhouette, his artwork appears subtly on the canvas sidewalls. These contrast with a denim toe and heel sat aboard a classic white sole. This dark upper is offset by the gold accents on the Vans label making this a simple shoe at first glance with a lot more going on up close. His artwork also appears on the footbed. Shop for this Mr Cartoon release and more new arrivals from Vans HERE