Vans Gilbert Crockett RAW FILES

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Enjoy Gilbert Crockett’s raw files from the Propeller video where he makes everything look very easy. He almost convinces you that round bars come without a certain level of physical taxation. We have new colours of Gilbert’s pro shoe in stock now from Vans including the mid top version. Last year we were lucky enough to wear test some of them. Although they look like a super simple shoe at first glance, Gilbert Crockett was heavily involved in the design process and there is a lot more going on inside. Duracap technology ensures they last as long as possible. These are also the first shoe to have a Wafflecup sole. This means they offer you the best of both worlds. The toe area works exactly like a vulcanized shoe so you have the durability and stability of a cupsole shoe and the boardfeel, control and flexibility of a vulcanized shoe. You can find out much more about the shoe HERE. Shop for Gilbert Crocket’s shoe and more from Vans HERE