Vans Family Portraits

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We were stoked to be able to welcome the Vans family to our Covent Garden store when they flew to London. There was an amazing turnout to see these legends in person and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Vans serving the skateboarding community. Maksim Kalanep was on hand to photograph proceedings. We managed to get portraits and quotes from our visitors who told us what this 50 year milestone meant to them…

Steve Van Doren

“50 years of Vans means to me, my whole life. It started when I was 10 years old and now I’m 60. I’ve spent most of those years with great skaters and ending up today in London at Slam City Skates celebrating 50 great years. It’s authentic, classic and about people being real, like all the skateboarders I know around the world. I feel honoured to be able to come and celebrate 50 years of something my dad started in 1966”

Curren Caples

“50 years of Vans is a long time to have a lot of cool shit happening. 50 years of rad culture!”

Jeff Grosso

“It’s family, I know that’s a pretty stupid generic answer but at this point it’s family to me. I got my first pair of Vans at 4 years old, I’ve been on the team since I was 15! The Van Dorens have single handedly propped up skateboarding for every decade since the 70’s and for that I am eternally grateful because I fucking love skateboarding! They make a hell of a product and everybody can go suck it!”

Omar Hassan

“It’s just like being in a family. I’ve been there for a while, ever since I was a kid, I grew up on Vans. I guess you could say it’s 50 years of being part of an awesome family”

Tony Alva

“It’s timelessness, our history is still part of the whole evolution of skateboarding. It means a lot to me as far as being involved, being a part of something that’s really positive. An organic evolution, the history of surfing, skateboarding, music, fashion, everything. It’s pretty rad, definitely cool”

Tony Trujillo

“I think that’s such a long time to have a company, especially a shoe company. It’s the American dream, it’s still going. It was someones vision and they went for it, it’s inspiring. They care so much about what they do and who they are doing it for. It means a lot!”

Chris Russell

“Vans 50th anniversary means a lot to me. It represents how strong Vans have stayed since day one and how long it’s played its part in skateboarding while not losing its core values. I’m blessed to be a part of one of the most diverse teams around and being able to celebrate the mile stone with long time legends and idols of mine”

Geoff Rowley

“It’s a monumental achievement for the Van Doren family; and for skateboarding. Vans has continually supported and invested in our industry for as long as I can remember. I’m genuinely proud to ride for a company with such deep roots and direct ties to the history of skating.”

Thanks once again for everyone who made this event possible, it was an honour to have everyone with us. Check out the 50th Anniversary pack and more new arrivals from Vans HERE