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Steve Van Doren seeing our new store for the first time

We were stoked to be a destination on the itinerary of the Vans family as they kicked off their 50th Anniversary celebrations. Steve Van Doren was pleased to be in London with Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Omar Hassan, Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, Curen Caples and Chris Russell. One more, unannounced family member we were glad was in tow was Jeff Grosso! As always these guys drew a serious crowd from all over the country and the shop was a whirlwind of positive energy. Here is a gallery of what went down on the day shot by Maksim Kalanep

Crowds flowed through the shop

Grosso signing an Anti Hero board

Tony Alva signing some Alva history

Chris Russell was happy to be with us

Steve Van Doren making sure everyone got a T-Shirt

Geoff Rowley signing

Tony Trujillo photo op

Hosoi, Grosso, Rowley, Omar Hassan

Curren Caples meeting and greeting

Grosso and TNT


Thanks to everyone who came to visit us on Friday, we had a good time and are sure you all did too. Thanks to Janine and Matt at Vans for working closely with us on this one. Finally a huge thanks to the Vans family who came to show their support of what we are doing here.We are glad we could be part of the 50th year anniversary celebrations. See all of the new shoes from the 50th Anniversary pack of Pro Classics HERE