Tweaker At House Of Vans

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Good friend of Slam Gorm Ashurst has been busy over at the new House Of Vans park. Himself and Richard French Sayer are the first artists to exhibit there.

John Cardiel soaking up some Tweaker visuals.

They have a joint exhibition. It was a treat to be shown around the space today and to see all the facilities which are going to be well used. You will soon have an amazing indoor bowl to visit courtesy of Vans a stones throw from Waterloo station…

French with a frontside grinder in the deep end

Whilst setting up this exhibition Gorm has somehow found the time to put together an all new House Of Vans Tweaker Zine which is ready for you to flick through online. This has some sneak peeks of the park being skated mixed with French’s illustrations. We were stoked to see Slam team riders Domas Glatkauskas and Jamie Aargh in there. You will be able to go and visit this exhibition and see what else the tube tunnels contain from Saturday. Be sure to join us tomorrow when we will be joined by Vans Legends at our Covent Garden store. Get excited about your first House Of Vans visit by flicking through the new issue of Tweaker HERE.

Photography – Gorm Ashurst