TOA – Escape To LA

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Theories Of Atlantis, spearheaded by long time friend of Slam Josh Stewart recently sought some solace in Los Angeles. Josh approached the LA streets with Leo Valls, Ben Gore, Brendan Carroll, Taylor Nawrocki, John Baragwanath, Joe Yates, Jon Nguyen, Bryce Mandell, Vincent Alvarez, Brad Cromer, Walker Ryan, Zac Gracie, Paul Shier, Dustin Eggeling, Christian Maalouf, Danny Montoya, Yonnie Cruz, Stevie Perez, Alex Schmidt, Justin Strubing and Tom Remillard in tow. The results were this longer than envisioned edit they teamed up with Jenkem to release. We hope you enjoy this coast crossing filming trip with Josh’ unmistakable take on things. Click on the shirt below to be transported to all of our newest arrivals from Theories Of Atlantis