Thrasher Vacation

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This is the first flyer to surface with the itinerary of the Thrasher Vacation which will soon be blowing through town.

It is confirmed so far that P-Stone, David Broach, Raven Tershy, Grant Taylor, Tommy Sandoval, Jack Curtin, Dave Sypniewski, Ronnie Sandoval, Nassim Guammaz, Sam Beckett, Ben Reamers and Jake Phelps will be visiting, more names may follow! London events on the cards are an art show and party at the newly opened Thursday August 21st at 6.30pm. On the following day Friday August 22nd they have scheduled in a BBQ and a jam at Victoria park. This destination is inspired in part by Ben Raemers’ last trick in the edit below.

We will be having the Thrasher Vacation team stop by for a Meet & Greet in our East London store beforehand and will give you more information about this tomorrow. Keep those days free to witness some mindblowing skateboarding from a heavy line up. Shop for Thrasher products HERE