Thrasher Vacation Gallery

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Here is the Thrasher Vacation Gallery from last week when the Thrasher Vacation Tour came through town.

Grant Taylor

There was a shop visit to our East London store followed by a memorable session at Victoria Park. Anyone who got to witness Grant Taylor slow down time will know what I’m talking about. Enjoy…

Jack Curtin

Tommy Sandoval

Jake Phelps

P-Stone, Dave Sypniewski and Grant Taylor get signing

Nasal decoration

Happy camper

Thrasher Tie Dye Tommy Sandoval edition

Ben Raemers with an out of action limb and a salt beef bagel

Crowds gathered quickly at Victoria Park, the bowl was surrounded

Grant Taylor backside tailsliding beer in hand

Phelps carving frontside prior to a backside grind in the deep end

Raven Tershy had a few cracks at this backside ollie out onto the death star

Grant Taylor whipping around the inside

Tommy Sandoval getting a lot of time in the air out of a very small bump

Grant Taylor was blasting over this hip frontside…

… before setting up for this! One of the gnarliest things to see happen in the flesh

The crowds were glad they came, beers, pizza and an afternoon courtesy of Thrasher

Phelps had time for everyone

The Dan Joyce copter cam or “the future of insects” according to James Edson

Mandatory dog shot to close

Thanks to Thrasher Magazine for coming to visit us and to everyone who showed up on the day. Jake Phelps interview coming soon!

Photography – Maksim Kalanep