Thrasher Handrail Hell

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Thrasher put together this handrail specific edit to celebrate some of the most influential tricks to go down over the years, from a Frankie Hill throw on in 1989 through to now. In no way is this a comprehensive list but it is an entertaining amalgamation of clips which shows the evolution of skating rails. It serves to illustrate how ahead of it’s time the Gonz Santa Monica double kink boardslide was. Many of the tricks in here you will expect to see but it is punctuated by ones you may have forgotten. The Ronnie Bertino switch back lip is still a brain twister as is Cardiel’s fifty fifty down the gold rail in SF. Anyway enough with the spoilers, enjoy a bite sized snack of rail chomping highs which spans 27 years. We just received a huge Restock of our most popular Thrasher items. To see exactly what we have shop for Thrasher HERE