Theobalds Cap Co: ATHLETICS

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Theobalds Cap Co just released ‘ATHLETICS’, a new video offering from City Of Rats creator Henry Edwards-Wood. This video approaches skateboarding in the same way as organised sport, inspired by debate about its future inclusion in the Olympics. This parody works well, there is even a Des Lynam voiceover, his dulcet tones transporting you to the family living room. As always this Hold Tight production is expertly crafted and includes blooming as well as established talent. Expect to see Theobalds Cap Co. riders Jeremy Jones, Jake Bidmead, Joel Banner, Kyle Wilson and Cam Barr alongside Nelly Mayele, Tom Fox, Domas Glatkauskas, Elliott Wright, Daniel Desanto, Cameron Gooden, Jin Shimizu, Greg Conroy, Faris Hassen, Josh Brown and more. The recurrent theme throughout is to support the next stage in Long Live Southbanks evolution. Having saved this iconic part of UK skateboarding history, the next step is a plan to UNLOCK THE UNDERCROFT. This involves taking down the boards to reveal the small banks and the continuation of the beam, restoring this space to it’s original glory. Please support this campaign to make Southbank even more amazing and rescue a huge part of our heritage. To donate just visit HERE. The new caps which align with this edit will be available very soon. Stay tuned for imminent new Theobalds arrivals!