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We have just released the very first drop of Thames boards. Slam team rider Blondey McCoy is a multifaceted creative individual channeling his vision through different outlets. Having parted ways with Palace skateboards earlier this year there was a lot of speculation around the reasons.

Ultimately, like everything else he turns his hand to, he wanted full control over how his vision and in this case skateboarding was represented. It’s definitely worth reading this interview to find out more about his thought process regarding this bold new move. These are the boards…

If you’re wondering about the significance of the names on the boards they are all houses at Westminster school and the colours which represented them. Westminster is an institution Blondey once attended and was asked to leave.

I should have been at school, but I wasn’t – I was skateboarding every day and as a result, I was asked to leave. Edith Piaf said ‘use your faults’ and I wholeheartedly agree.

Milnes’s is named after Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Milne, “Dryden’s” after poet and playwright John Dryden, “Busby’s” after Richard Busby a former priest and headmaster and “Grant’s” after landladies who owned the property and put up boys in the days before boarding existed. The College cruiser is another house not named after a notable British figure. Blondey’s old school is right next to the Houses of Parliament which appear on the top graphic (clear griptape available).

His vision is to tap into a British heritage rarely referenced since that Tom Stephen Lewis Penny Graduate of the year Flip ad. Speaking about this new outlet Blondey says…

“Not only is THAMES my board sponsor, it is also my vehicle to support and work collaboratively with other people. In this sense, I was looking for a team of art directors as much as a skate team. That the riders meet these rather specific criteria, of being shit-hot skateboarders who are also creatively driven, is essential to my utopian dream for a skateboard company. It is the reason that the THAMES skate team consists of Sam Sitayeb and myself.”

This is set to be an interesting and far from derivative ride and we look forward to seeing what’s coming, especially new footage from these two. Get a board from Thames while they’re still around.