Polar Surf ‘N’ Turf Gallery

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There was an amazing turn out yesterday to come and see the Polar Surf ‘N’ Turf tour pass through town, check out the Polar Surf ‘N’ Turf Gallery below.

Crowds gather at our East store

Aaron Herrington, Hjalte Halberg, Oskar Rozenberg, David Stenström, Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Dane Brady, Michal Juraś and Pontus Alv came to meet their fans and visit the Stockwell park with them. Enjoy the gallery…

Pontus and the team arrive at our Meet & Greet

Some calm before the storm

Pontus handing out stickers and revealing the plan to visit Stockwell

A serious crowd showed for the event

Many photo ops were handled

After full troop rallying the crowds began to migrate South

Everybody got the white tee memo

Pontus in the middle of it all

It was a busy day at Stockwell

A bad front foot stopped flip tricks but Hjalte Halberg still attacked everything at full speed. Back Tail

Pontus channels his artwork with classic form on this no comply

Hjalte backside 180 fakie nose manual. Every manual roll trick every go

Reuben and Ry

Pontus goads David Stenström by lying down

Three goes later he landed this 360 ollie

Red Arrows. Hjalte blasts a massive ollie over the hip

There was a product toss

Which went off!

Pontus did a good job as always of talking to everybody

Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was the best demo and turn out for one I have seen in ages. It was great seeing such a diverse team thrown in the deep end at a park we know and love and tearing it up. Expect to see interviews in the coming days with members of the team. You can shop for Polar HERE

Photography – Maksim Kalanep