Summer In The City

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We have teamed up with Vans to make your summer holiday more interesting. Many of you would be out there filming anyway, we have cooked this up as an incentive to make sure you do. If you have made a video before or not make this summer in London count. We are accepting entries to our Summer In The City competition now. Register for your chance to compete, the deadline for registration is August 10th

The first thing we need you to do is pick a crew of up to 6 skateboarders and 1 filmer. Next email the list of names to [email protected]. Once you have done this you have the whole month of August to go filming in the city of London so get out there to gather the best footage you can. We will be running workshops throughout the competition with accomplished filmers. These will be free to attend and once you have entered we will contact you with further information. All entries will be given a welcome pack containing guidelines, a DeathLens for your camera phone and some loaded Oyster cards. You can use any camera you have access to, phone footage to HD can be submitted.

We expect each team to upload an Instagram teaser for their edit during the filming period. Having spent the month of August filming you will have two weeks in September to edit your video and submit it. Before the editing process begins we will offer one more workshop to answer any questions you may have about making your edit. All entries must be submitted by Monday 14th September. All of the video entries will be hosted on our website. Videos will be judged by a panel selected by Slam and Vans. They will be judged on the standard of skating, filming, editing and creativity. We will then pick the three winning videos which will be screened in the cinema at House Of Vans. There is £1000 prize money up for grabs so enter now and spend as much time as you can on the city streets this summer.