Summer In The City Teams

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We had an overwhelming response to the Summer In The City competition we have put together with Vans. Our main aim for this competition was to get as many of you out there filming as possible…

Jacob Harris following Chris Jones with his VX last summer

Jacob Harris pictured above will be one of the experienced videographers running workshops throughout this project. We had to close the doors on entries this week and now have 15 teams to announce. These teams will be bringing us windows into their summer missions via Instagram during the month of August. Here is the list of entries…

1) Tom Drake (filmer) Connor Dinwoodie
2) Rory Langdon-Down (filmer) Ben Coughlan, Tom Eldred
3) Shell Finger (filmer) Mickey, TeeTee, Smidla, Caspwer, Wobbo, Baemers
4) Craig Jackson (filmer) David Yap, Arran Gregory,Felix Jouanneau,Jamie Rothwell
5) Dan Graham (filmer) Delph Musquet
6) Austin Bristow (filmer) Charlie Birch, Cameron Gooden, Nelly Mayele, Cam Barr, Kyle Wilson
7) Shane Smith (filmer) Joshua Jennings, Tom Moatti, P.J, Seb, Curtis Blow, Jake Church
8) Jake Campbell (filmer) Gabe Dean, Ethan Stahl, Jonny Bainbridge, Harry Cooper, Harvey Boobyer, Alex Fransche
9) Alexander Lamb (filmer) Kai Ohlsen, Tristan Buckland, George Juchau, Tom Crosby, Zak Gold, Ethan Parry
10) Elliot Betts (filmer) Elliot Betts, Sam Ridgers, Ross Gardner, Connor Parker, Evan Cooper, Barney Shoesmith
11) Vincent Kelsey (filmer) Oscar, James, Tim, Harley, Harrison
12) Aram Socha (filmer) Filip Wojnowski, Gonzi Jefferson, Michael Misiejko, Marcin Sinczak, Aram Socha
13) Mark Rogers (filmer) Rich Decourcy, Matt Warder, Luke Cheeseman, Michael Prentice, Will Hewitt
14) Tristan Tutak (filmer) Joe Atherton, Matt Stilton, Joe Townsend, Tim Tutak
15) Peter Pickford (filmer) Adam Keats, Jack Steele, Aaron Jago, Tobias Moors

Thank you to everyone who has entered. We are looking forward to seeing what you get up to and will be in touch with further information regarding workshops etc. For Instagram updates be sure to follow #SummerIntheCityComp