Summer In the City Entries 1

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Here are four of the other entries to our Summer In The City competition. Tristan Tutaks Brixton themed video is almost directed by the song he used. South London igets sessioned heavily, anyone who knows that Ritzy cinema spot knows they must have had a good time making this. There is something magical about being there on a summers day. This edit features Joe Atherton, Mat Stanton, Joe Townsend and Tim Tutak.

Tom Drakes edit follows Conor Dinwoodie from Teddington into town on a productive filming mission. This is nicely put together.

It looks like Jake Campbell and the Puto Lean boys had the best summer ever. This video has it all, Southbank drama, vandalism, a Pump up the jam remix and a lack of seriousness. This was a good watch. It features Harry Cooper, Gabe dean, Ethan Stahl and Alex Fransche.

Peter Pickford and his crew went in. This is a fluid edit featuring Adam Keats, Aaron Jago, Jack Steele and Tobias Moors. The standard of skating is super good as well. Judging all the videos was challenging as they all had their strengths. Enjoy these four and be sure to check out the rest.