Summer In The City Entries 2

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These are the final four entries to our Summer In The City competition, we hope you enjoy watching them. Above is the entry from Dan Graham which they have titled Warlocks. This features Delphin Musquet and Przemek Stan and has the visual continuity of a music video, another good watch.

Craig Jackson’s video has footage of the lesser spotted, people we see out rolling around regularly but rarely see any footage of. Arran Gregory and David Yap are joined by Alec Mcleish, John Wildsmith, Jamie Rothwell and Felix Jounneau. It looks like they had a nice summer too apart from Arrans unfortunate ender.

Rich de Courcy, Matt Warder, Michael Prentice and Will Hewitt feature in Mark Rogers’ edit. This is filled with some really interesting skateboarding which got a lot of love at the screening.

Rory Langdon-Down chose to work with Ben Coughlan, Matt Boulton, Adam Keys, Alex Thornhill, Chris Pulman, John Wildsmith and Slam team rider Jamie Aaaarghhh. The level of filming and editing on this one is off the chain. Enjoy these final videos, thanks for watching.