Stevie Williams Interview

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Our Stevie Williams Interview came about as London was lucky enough to be the last stop on the itinerary for the Supra UK Residency tour. We worked alongside them in making a demo at Frontside Gardens one smooth bus ride away and managed to catch up with Stevie briefly just before the bus left…

Stevie Williams in front of original Muska artwork
Stevie in front of original Muska artwork Frontside Gardens Photo Maksim Kalanep.

This is the last day of the UK residency. How has the tour life been treating you?

The tour has been great. Some days it looks like it’s going to rain all day but we’ve still been getting out there to skate. hitting the scene and seeing everything that London has as far as spots. It’s been pretty cool, it’s been a good trip.

How long ago was it that DGK passed through London?

Damn, I don’t even know! I think that was maybe 8 or 9 years ago. We went to Slam City Skates. It was a blur, I haven’t been with DGK in a long time. It’s good to always come back. This trip it’s really set in. I feel like I’ve really seen London for the first time and I’ve been here five times. we haven’t just been driven around on a schedule. This time we actually skated around the City and have been in different neighbourhoods. I was actually able to be around the people more and hear all the real accents. The real grungy shit, that’s the shit I like so that’s really cool.

Were there spots from other trips that you wanted to re-visit?

I have never skated here, this is the first time I’ve skated here. I have been here a bunch of times doing appearances and things like that. This time I feel it’s definitely worth coming back, I can’t wait to come back.

Which areas did you like?

I don’t know, everything sort of looks the same. I’m just making sure I don’t get hit in traffic looking the wrong way. Pretty much every spot we skated was cool. It reminds me of skating around New York, just hitting things on the way. Everybody skates a little different so everyone had a chance to get some clips or skate one spot together. It’s dope.

You think New York is the most similar place to here?

Yes, it reminds me all the way of New York. A lot of my friends had said it’s like New York but i had never seen it until I came on this trip. And Southbank! The OG spot, all roads end at Southbank pretty much. It’s really good knowing the history of skating in London. I got the feel. It’s like Love Park, EMB, Pulaski, Pier 7. It’s good to see new skaters still skating a piece of history. That’s how I look at it. Even before I started skating Southbank was there. It’s great to get to skate there and be a part of it.

Would you say anybody in particular killed it the most?

I don’t know truthfully. I would give it to everybody as a team right about now. Everybody accomplished something here in London trick wise. I don’t think one person stood out above anyone else.

Do you have more trips planned this year or are you going to stay put when you return home?

Nah, I never stay put. I have clothing things to do like Magic. I don’t really have too much to film for but there may be some projects further along the line. Asphalt Yacht Club is out here. My plan is to come back and grow my clothing company here too on a separate trip. Being on this trip made me realise how much potential is out here.

So we’ll be seeing you back here soon?

For sure! I’m definitely coming back to London. I got a taste of it this time.

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